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The truth is you know it when you see it.

We shroud Truth in complexity. We like to give it shades and assign it attributes like “truthiness.” We argue over it. We declare it. We even claim exclusive knowledge of it. Sometimes, we even spell it with a capital “T.”

But here’s the secret: It’s always there and it’s always accessible to us. When we open ourselves with honesty to the world, we see it all around us.

It only goes into hiding when we start playing games.

When we see newspapers sensationalize a story or add a last-second click bait title.

When we twist facts to gain leverage in a debate or argument.

When we bury gotchas in contracts that benefit us and harm someone else.

When we lie about our age, or weight, or exam scores, or whether we checked the iron before we left the house.

Sometimes the hiding seems harmless. Sometimes it burns down the house.

Whatever we think of Truth, it always matters. And we know the truth when we see it.

We also know it when we feel it. The absence of Truth feels heavy, lonely, and dark. The presence of Truth feels lot more like love, encouragement, friendship, and freedom.

The choice is always ours. Starting right now.

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32