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It’s not static. We can’t hold it in our hands for very long. It feels great when we possess it, but it’s wild and free.

The truth is that yesterday we all agreed to split the bill. Today, some of us want a discount. This could take a while for us to sort out. In the end, the final agreement matters less than how we get there. The Truth of the situation is waiting for us to uncover it. We’ll know it when we see it (link), but it might take a while.

When we arrive there together, as friends, we’ve accomplished something. We’ve deepened our connections.

When we coerce the entire group to split the bill, we all lose. Maybe some of us liked the original deal more. Did we like it enough to damage those relationships? Did it feel good to win the debate?

Consensus is difficult. It takes patience. It takes listening. It takes discernment.

But it’s worth it. It’s the process for discovering the Truth — about us, about those around us, and about all of us together, as friends.